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12 teabags  x 1.5 g 

 Greek Mountain Tea Gift Box contains 12 teabags.  Five selected endemic varieties of the genus Sideritis of the Lamiaceae family, from four different parts of Greece were used to make this product. The prime material come from small organic growers, contributing to their financial support. This is a unique blend that through its gentle and discreet taste and earthy aroma, has a healing power: Greek Mountain Tea is one of the most balanced herbs. Many scientific studies prove that it helps in cases of sore throat, is anti-inflammatory, provides cough relief, is nutritious, detoxifies from previous day's alcohol abuse, and helps digestion. 

Greek Mountain Tea, in the series Herbs In The Sun ® stands out as a product. Traditionally, it is prepared by boiling the stems and leaves and filtering to get a hot beverage. Creating a powder from the herbs, with no thermal procession, gives extra opportunities for making this product easier to consume and convenient to use! It is just infused in hot water and ready to use.

With the utmost respect for the raw material, this product was created from  by drying and cold-grinding the fresh organic herbs and packing them in cotton bags, which  them were hermetically sealed in PP outer bags thus protecting them from light and humidity. The result is a unique beverage that travels the consumer back to the field where the plant was grown, allowing him to taste the quintessence of natural raw material, without any additives.


Organic Mountain Tea-Gift Box

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