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Extra virgin olive oil CALLISTA. Low acidity olive oil (up to 0.2%) with a fruity and rich taste of olive fruits from 11 different fine varieties of olive trees (such as Koroneikes, Kothreikes, Megara, Amfissi, Kalamon, Manaki, Tsounati, Halkidiki, Patrinoelia and Chondroelian). Over 3 generations, olives trees from all these varieties have been planted in the fields of Konstantinos and Panayiotis Chondros in the fertile lands  of the Lokrida plain, central Greece. Over time, these olives trees grew strong and are now providing the prime material for a unique product. Namely, an olive oil full of aromas and taste contrasts with special characteristics such as low acids and rich oleic acid, suitable for good heart function and daily well-being. 

Ideal for any type of cooked food, as well as for cold dishes, such as salads and cold appetizers.

750 ml

Callista -750

12,85 €Prix